Why you shouldn’t focus on metrics

I have always believed in focusing on one metric- creating content.

You really need to invest in analytics or conversion ratios if you want to grow a business around. However, blogging as a business only grows with affiliate links and article spinners. People usually hunt for generic articles like “top 5 things to do” kind of a spiel. Those are of course, best avoided for a niche audience.

I liked the following blurb and for those who are looking at getting into a long-form blog, it is lonely out here. Virality depends on creating the “most popular” content. Genuine ideas or finding meaning in the sea of content takes a lot of time to build.

Focus on one metric:

  • Page views are meaningless unless extracted into a conversion rate.
  • Sessions are meaningless unless extracted into a conversion rate.
  • Daily active user charts are just plain confusing and best avoided.

    What I’m trying to hint at is that Google Analytics is full of really pretty charts that you’ll waste your time worrying about. Unless you’re a Google Analytics wizard you don’t know how to setup goals and trigger events and in my opinion don’t bother.

This is one reason why I never look at the stats or the views. The optimisations for websites don’t guide me; genuine content and curiosity does.

via Why you shouldn’t use Google Analytics for your MVP