Why good ideas fail

CB Insights has a very interesting infographic:

Poor marketing and failure to develop a “network effect”

One thing that I always hate in the videos is the description of the product in the videos with a rather “upbeat music“.

(An upbeat, optimistic and fun track featuring ukulele, acoustic guitars, catchy piano lines, handclaps and a bouncy marimba backing. Ideal for YouTube videos, YouTubers, vlogs and vloggers, beauty gurus, makeup tutorials, cooking videos, cat videos, commercial, business and corporate use or productions aimed at children. The perfect summer and sunshine track!) Here’s a sample (it’s not an endorsement!)


I think the market need is an oxymoron. However, the worst part is that most of the “start-up” ideas run with the idea of artificial intelligence and neural networks. They promise the earth to “solve your problems”. Do they?

I had been looking at this issue from the perspective of health technology assessments. Healthcare is staid and in a desperate need for reinvention. In the corona and post covid world, I think it would assume even more central role and importance. It needs better ideas too but those ideas would come from shaping the market to see a newer perspective, rather than creating something and failing at it. Communication with stakeholders would be more imperative. Oh please, not to use the happy upbeat music. It doesn’t help to “solve the problems”.