Why developers are leaving Mac Store

No one, I repeat, no one ever told them, NOT to consider Linux.

I see repeated whining of developers, ex-developers and the associated ecosystem. There are alternatives but it would require a little more hard work.

The “open-source” world has changed and there will be people willing to install the software AND pay for it too.

  • additional application variant to build and test
  • need to send each update to Apple
  • huge delay for at times highly important fixes, e.g. for new devices
    often review rejected for text, images, random issues
  • 30% of the sales go to Apple, huge loss in income (unless price is increased)
    one price for whole world, even if XCHG rate makes prices sub-optimal
    no discount for developing countries
  • disconnect from the users, which often simply post bad app reviews, or return the app instead of reaching out to developer for actually support and fixes
    need to write app, text and artwork to pass Apple’s review
  • random censorship of whatever Apple does not like
  • payout avg. 6 weeks after sales, long time to pay running costs
    (need to pay $99 a year for the privilege)

via ExactScan – Mac App Store updates