What if the users bought the infrastructure?

James Salter writes:

Pre-cloud, you could write a piece of software, compile it once for all the systems you wanted to distribute it for, upload the binary somewhere (or send hard copies to people), then go to the beach….Back in the cloud era, however, If your app is used by your users to generate data they care about, they will probably expect the data to be written to a persistent cloud store, and to be able to load and edit it on different platforms and devices.

Users also implicitly expect the data to stick around for years or maybe decades, which implies you need to attach some sort of business to your app and then run it for a while.

The worst that can happen with the issues related to data retention is that it can be “hacked” or bought over and stored in data bases owned by some shady corporation or “sliced”, diced and sold several times over to advertising companies. The possibilities are endless.

I think this is an interesting construct and also ties in with my idea of having local on-premises hardware. Cloud is fine, sexy tech but there are unseen points of failure that dot this landscape.