The New World of Notebook Publishing—Stephen Wolfram Writings

It is absolutely fascinating! It is the confluence of human-computer interaction with the exciting bits happening in the cloud. Yes, it is going to change the way we “do things”, but change is difficult. My initial reaction was that it is some kind of a “notebook application” (again!), but I was wrong. Read on (at […]

Choosing the right academic software (Mac/iPadOS/iOS)

I am not doing a full-fledged review here, but there are some learnings I’d like to share here from my experience. iPadOS/iOS is not a writing medium. I am still wrapping my head around it. Developers are expending insane energies in propping up a medium that doesn’t work. Devices with keyboards work. Effectively and efficiently. […]

Mac OS Catalina: more trouble than it’s worth

Its a long read on how MacOS has shot itself in the foot. However, I really don’t get it. I only use Mac for particular specific software. Open-source alternatives don’t cut it. In other cases, like Security and Mail, what Apple considers an ‘improvement’, it’s more of a hindrance for me. (I know some will […]

National Cancer Database: The Past, Present, and Future of the Cancer Registry and Its Efforts to Improve the Quality of Cancer Care

(The highlights appear in standard text as bulleted lists while my comments appear as block quotes). Page 1 In those early days, hospital registrars would source paper charts to abstract tumor cases into hospital registries. During the annual Call for Data, years of completed cases were submitted to the NCDB via mailing floppy disks. This […]

#Study: How smooth-talking professors can lull students into thinking they’ve learned more than they have

I am focused on learning, I am not entirely convinced what constitutes the “right way” to assess learning. I think it could related to a recall of key concepts. Keeping the class interactively engaged is another idea. The study, involving Harvard University undergraduates in large, introductory physics classes, compared students’ self reports about what they’d […]