Asking questions:What I’ve learned over 10 years on Stack Overflow

I have extensive experience with the online communities (and I have addressed that issue before). The process of visibility (and then discovery) is difficult when you have millions of websites jostling for attention. Users often penalize their attention spans towards gratification (and not necessarily for “learning”) despite the best intentions. It seems so easy at […]

#AI #ML in healthcare: Will the twain ever meet?

Incorporating the Artificial Intelligence in healthcare has several issues. I stumbled on an excellent post in HBR that lists the key deficiency of AI- it is a black box. For all its deficiencies, AI and machine learning will never explain a process of “inclusion and exclusion” or why it came to a decision the way […]

Less SoftBank, more venture builders

Today, venture builders are a growing trend around the world; I’ve seen it firsthand in Europe, particularly the startup hubs of Berlin and Amsterdam. There were over 100 VBs globally as of 2018, angel investor Jules Ehrhardt wrote last year in his State of the Digital Nation report on Medium, with over half based in […]