Choosing the right academic software (Mac/iPadOS/iOS)

I am not doing a full-fledged review here, but there are some learnings I’d like to share here from my experience. iPadOS/iOS is not a writing medium. I am still wrapping my head around it. Developers are expending insane energies in propping up a medium that doesn’t work. Devices with keyboards work. Effectively and efficiently. […]

#Reference Manager Showdown: a full review of #Papers 3, #Zotero, #F1000, and #Paperpile (+ ReadCube)

I had planned to do some kind of a “review” for reference managers. However, the author has done a better job than I could do. His workflow dictates Paperpile. I like the application, but their web service is entirely dependent on Google. I dislike Google Drive- it syncs horribly, and there’s no comparison for Dropbox. […]

Mac OS Catalina: more trouble than it’s worth

Its a long read on how MacOS has shot itself in the foot. However, I really don’t get it. I only use Mac for particular specific software. Open-source alternatives don’t cut it. In other cases, like Security and Mail, what Apple considers an ‘improvement’, it’s more of a hindrance for me. (I know some will […]