Start before you think you’re ready

Just start writing!

I discover a lot of nuggets while combing through the interwebs. Some of the best writeups usually “bubble up” based on recommendations. The trick is to know how to discover them in the first place.

In my experience writing books, it isn’t just a “resistance” thing or a “perfectionist” thing or a fear thing, it’s more about research and wondering if you’ve done enough of it. Research becomes your way of procrastinating, because, let’s face it, research is just more fun than writing. (Me, personally, I became a professional writer so I could be a professional reader.)

Steven Johnson says the answer is to “research as you go”: 

Email and social media and games are obvious distractions. In my experience, the more subtle threat – particularly for non-fiction writers – comes via the eminently reasonable belief that you’re not ready to start writing, because you haven’t finished your research yet.

via Start before you think you’re ready – Austin Kleon