Stagnation in machine learning

Mark Saroufin writes:

Unfortunately most of the admiration and prestige we have towards academics are from a bygone time. Economists were the first to figure out how to maintain the prestige of academia while taking on no monetary or intellectual risk. They’d show up on CNBC finance and talk about “corrections” or “irrational fear/exuberance”. Regardless of how correct their predictions were, their media personalities grew with the feedback loops from the YouTube recommendation algorithm…..

With State Of The Art (SOTA) Chasing we’ve rewarded and lauded incremental researchers as innovators, increased their budgets so they can do even more incremental research parallelized over as many employees or graduate students that report to them.

This is an interesting post from someone in the thick of the things. I have almost similar thoughts around the state of oncology “research”. Immunotherapy is being pushed out as breakthroughs; I wont be surprised to see some journal entries around pushing therm as the “frontline” as opposed to traditional chemotherapies.