Some minor updates and plans

  1. I am planning to set up another folder on Dropbox related to “upcoming” papers that I wish to discuss.
  2. I will be setting a format to discuss them- give in my reasons why the paper needs to be highlighted/annotated. Basically, I need to convince you that it is worth your time.
  3. I can technically host the blog on my own domain, but currently, I don’t have time and bandwidth to design/maintain or deal with the URL registrations. It is a small price I pay for convenience. However, I will explore the option further since a self-hosted option expands the available options.
  4. I am also doubling down on LiquidText. It is a note-taking application (with annotation) that allows for linking conceptual ideas. Once I am fully conversant with the software, I plan to explore thematic options around radiation oncology. For example, the use of VMAT for brain tumours or the role of IDH as a predictive marker. I will keep all the liquid text projects in the open folder on Dropbox.
  5. I am still trying to find a use case for collaboration.
  6. I am also working on a few papers- I will share the progress as and when they are published 🙂