Social Media: Ten years of social media have left us all worse off

Interesting overview.

You have to ask yourself first- do you really need it? How does Twitter maximise your interaction and involvement? Does it make you productive? Does it make you efficient? Or are you stuck in a time warp because everyone you know is on the same platform?

Social media depersonalises us. The interactions are illusory; devoid of meaningful interaction.

Think. Reflect.

But it is hard to make the case that social media has led to a more thoughtful, rigorous or compassionate discourse about politics. Amid the bullying, the misogyny, and the endless outrage, it’s hard to tell the bots and the people apart, largely because so many humans have lowered themselves to the level of the bots.

What about the economics? Network effects mean that social media platforms tend to spiral towards monopoly. You want to be where your friends are. It might be hard for a new search engine to displace Google, but if I am tempted by an alternative, I don’t need to persuade my friends and family to move too.

via Ten years of social media have left us all worse off | Financial Times