Reflections on reading and writing

It is difficult to write.


There are different levels of write up- the easiest one, of course, is to add a blurb to the published material online. It works like a super-charged comment medium. However, it does find meaning for the reader as I have done the difficult work of “human-curation”.

The deeper level involves transporting the reader to a different domain by marrying the moment and the subconscious into a fused state. That level of writing is the most difficult one and luckily, I have come across a few good authors who have honed the art to perfection. Long forms that capture attention employ this technique to describe the moment and then weave in the narrative to bubble up the idea. It wraps around the consciousness and often has a lingering smell to it which stays long after that to help you to reflect and think about it.


Likewise reading. The tiny inner voice that helps you to understand the context of the written word (technically, it is called subvocalisation), needs to have an “open mind” of its own. It helps you to find “cross-connections” and spot patterns. Extensive reading has helped me to hone that to an art form. The other day, a trainee student had mentioned about the project he was working on; it helped me to immediately understand its import and write an abstract on it. Likewise, reading extensively, it has helped me to improve the filters to gain knowledge, and I often read academic papers with fresh insight.