Reading: Are books worth it?

This is a great question, and I was also wondering if it had any relevance to my reading habits.

I spend most of my day reading online articles/conversations, watching videos, and listening to podcasts. I have thousands of non-fiction (mostly self-improvement) books in my reading list on GoodReads, but almost never bother to read any. I assume that the best part of the best books will surface in daily conversations, YouTube videos, CliffsNotes, podcasts, Reddit posts/comments, blog articles, etc. I even find myself reading the comments and not reading the article most of the time. I’m fine with bullet point style summaries and don’t care much about the fluff that fills most books I’ve read in the past.

Up until recently, I didn’t think I was missing out. I thought that online content was roughly equivalent to 80% of what I’d get from reading actual books for 20% of the effort. I also thought that most books probably don’t age very well and that most of the bleeding edge stuff could only be found online. But I’m starting to wonder if that’s true. I’m starting to see people online mention that books are infinitely better than online content. I read that millionaires and billionaires read tons of books. I wonder if I’m missing out?

I believe that it is crucial to sift through online sources and prefer to use aggregator resources. It is impossible to comb through the millions of blogs out there. The reason why Twitter is a time suck because it prioritises links over the interaction. Hence, banaler the link, the worse it becomes. Your social network won’t fetch you dividends.

One of the reasons why I post blurbs is because they form a starting point for my ideas. I gradually expand them into long forms, elsewhere where it would fetch a higher value. Books are fine if you want to roll up, but in several instances, I have found that most “bestsellers” usually skirt around issues. I’d rather have a deep dive to sustain my interest. I still remain a bibliophile, but due to my current predicaments, I prefer to source my reading from meaningful ideas. I’d recommend Opinion column from Financial Times. I don’t have to necessarily agree with what’s posted there or follow the “news”, but they usually post interesting issues.

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