Proprietary models: Restricting monopoly?

The following is the example of Amazon but it isn’t restricted to it. It makes Microsoft look like a saint instead.

End users have a choice and NYT isn’t known for objective journalism. It is bereft of standards it purports to hold.

I am not overtly impressed by their claims that Amazon is “choking off innovation” or “strip-mining”. I have linked this because Amazon is actually delivering the goods when it comes to “AI” and the machine-learning.

Given the company’s broad reach with customers, start-ups often agree to its restrictions on promoting their own products and voluntarily share client and product information with it. For the privilege of selling through A.W.S., the start-ups pay a cut of their sales back to Amazon.

Some of the companies have a phrase for what Amazon is doing: strip-mining software. By lifting other people’s innovations, trying to poach their engineers and profiting off what they made, Amazon is choking off the growth of would-be competitors and forcing them to reorient how they do business, the companies said.

All of this has fueled scrutiny of whether Amazon is abusing its market dominance and engaging in anticompetitive behavior.

Via Prime Leverage: How Amazon Wields Power in the Technology World – The New York Times