No blogs are NOT dead :)

Tim Bray was another grey suit executive sitting in a plush office somewhere in the most privileged part of the planet until his heart bled out about the “mistreatment” of underlings. The same set of people who actually made money for the company without getting much in return.

Sounds familiar? That’s capitalism. But that’s not the point of this post.

I agree with the assertion below:

But aren’t blogs dead? · Um, nope. For every discipline-with-depth that I care about (software/Internet, politics, energy economics, physics), if you want to find out what’s happening and you want to find out from first-person practitioners, you end up reading a blog. ¶

They’re pretty hard to monetize, which means that the people who write them usually aren’t primarily bloggers, they’re primarily professional economists or physicists or oil analysts or Internet geeks. Since most of us don’t even try to monetize ’em, they’re pretty ad-free and thus a snappy reading experience.

Dense information from real experts, delivered fast. Why would you want any other kind?

Yes; I don’t care about metrics. No analytics. No tracking. No idea about how the readership is spread. The blog serves a singular purpose. I cherry-pick the ideas and bring forth value based on my own perspectives.

Of course, I have automated workflows to serve me the freshest content and I made a huge change some weeks before to get an overall perspective on what’s happening. There’s no “FOMO” (fear of missing out) involved because if it is not being discussed, it is not relevant, anyway.

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