Modern Universities Are An Exercise in Insanity


I am not oblivious to everyone questioning the value of college education. Education isn’t the construct. However, Universities are branding themselves into signalling mechanisms that give the “potential to excel”. That yardstick remains exceptionally qualitative.

Disclaimer: I had to give up my PhD because of the insane fees. $200,000 for a PhD with a meagre stipend. The scholarship wouldn’t have covered it, and the allowance was below the poverty levels. The promised lure of the job in academia wouldn’t have materialised either.

Do the math here:

48,000 dollars are needed for non-members to graduate from BYU Hawaii ($24,000 for a member), $114,000 are needed to graduate from the cost-conscious religious schools, and $212,000 dollars are necessary to attend four years at the non-religious liberal arts school.

This is without including rent, food, or other charges of that sort.

There are a few questions that come to me as I review these numbers.

First, how is this possible? How can you possibly justify a $200,000+ college expense? How can you justify a $100,000+ college expense?

This is not necessary.

The modern universities haven’t produced much of “stimulating literature”, but it is pressing on the notions of past glories. The signalling system works on the marketing of existing activities of “research”. Post the pandemic, I’d be curious to see how the research gets impacted.

via The Scholar’s Stage: Modern Universities Are An Exercise in Insanity