Measuring impact of academia:t factor

I’d recommend a “b-factor”. How many times has anybody found it worthy of blogging? The citation index and the h-index is broken and is hardly a measure of the “influence” or the “impact”. They are more abstruse conceptual ideas for grant committees and I am not surprised that why science and medicine is distanced away from the people for whom they are working.

Based on the definition of the well-known h index we propose a t factor for measuring the impact of publications (and other entities) on Twitter. The new index combines tweet and retweet data in a balanced way whereby retweets are seen as data reflecting the impact of initial tweets. The t factor is defined as follows: A unit (single publication, journal, researcher, research group etc.) has factor t if t of its Nt tweets have at least t retweets each and the other (Nt-t) tweets have <=t retweets each.

[1508.02179] t factor: A metric for measuring impact on Twitter

Blogging is difficult, if not impossible. One reason I post blurbs here is because each individual idea gets encompassed in the thought process to see an overall picture. I call this as “combinatorial creativity”.