LinkedIn: Why have it in the first place?

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LinkedIn is a glorified resume centre.

Long time back, in my earlier avatar on Twitter, I couldn’t differentiate between users pushing out affiliate links and trying to create “conversations” around content. I had stayed away from it because of privacy concerns and I am glad I stayed away from the Microsoft acquisition too.

I’d highlight what the author rightly says

The more I thought about it, the more I realized this is why everyone still has a LinkedIn account: fear.Fear of scarcity.

Not having a job when you need a job is a terrible feeling, I get it. It’s why I joined LinkedIn in the first place. For me at least, it’s been a waste of time.Fear of missing out.

Maybe some magical opportunity might trickle down through your network of connections? The truth is, if you’re relying on LinkedIn to manage your network, those relationships are thin as tinsel.

You can do better.Fear of being different. Everyone has a LinkedIn profile, right? So if you’re not participating you’re probably a weirdo?

Finally, I Closed My LinkedIn – PC Maffey

The benefits of “social media” are overblown. Maybe a perfunctory contact or linkage happens, but those are only qualitative metrics that are explained by “chance”. The actual value lies in creating. A blog post, for example, is a window to the thought process, but the results are “organic”. Its benefit is more understated than appearing to make “connections”/recommendations. I think a blog holds more value than a recommendation, because it is for everyone to see it out there.

Get over the fear of missing out and it would be easier to focus on creating value.