Is It Getting Harder for Research to Boost Productivity?

I stumbled on this fascinating write-up and I’ll try to revisit this idea later. However, the vexed issue of “cancer research” rears its head again- we would need an incremental and exponential increase of dollars in “funding” before we are able to strike out something substantial.

However, the research is being pushed out in the unknown entities of “newer molecular drugs”- hypofractionation, constraints, normal tissue response and palliative care are languishing. Yet, they aren’t “glamourous enough” to merit a response from the mainstream press. Expensive equate “quality”!


Yes, death rates for cancer are falling, but research into fighting cancer has been rising quite rapidly. As a result, it seems to be taking more and more research publications about cancer and more and more clinical trials to reduce cancer deaths by an equivalent amount.


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