How to Edit Your Own Writing

I was surprised and then doubly surprised to see a brilliant essay in the fake news network aka NY Times. The stance against them is more political, but I appreciate good work when there is; even if published by the NY Times.

My former writing teacher, the essayist and cartoonist Timothy Kreider, explained revision to me: “One of my favorite phrases is l’esprit d’escalier, ‘the spirit of the staircase’ — meaning that experience of realizing, too late, what the perfect thing to have said at the party, in a conversation or argument or flirtation would have been. Writing offers us one of the rare chances in life at a do-over: to get it right and say what we meant this time.

The problem with “liberalism” is that it clouds your judgement against the reality- the goal of healthcare is equity. Still, the lack of accessibility is an institutional framework that needs to be answered at the hustings. Rambling about it on social media won’t get you anywhere unless you assume that mainstream political leaders read up everything.

NY Times amplifies that thought process.

Nevertheless, here’s another blurb that I found worth highlighting:

For longer pieces, structure is something you’ll need to put a lot of work into. Stream of consciousness writing rarely reads well and you generally don’t have the option to break up everything into short segments with subheads. Narratives need to flow and arguments need to build.

Brilliant suggestion.

via How to Edit Your Own Writing – The New York Times