How to blog: A simple guide

I was surprised that most users search for the way to blog but after getting the domain/solution and reading the advertisement and affiliate links laden website, give it up midway.

I have distilled a few issues which have helped me to post over two hundred posts in less than three months. There is no secret sauce to productivity- plain simple focus.

  1. Define focus. Why do you want to blog? Keep your audience in mind.
  2. Tools- I use the simplest of tools- WordPress bookmarklet. When I encounter a useful link, I press it that auto-populates my highlights and link at the bottom of the post.
  3. Simple editing through some grammar tools.
  4. Read- I follow Hacker News to get the best discussion automatically filtered. Techmeme is more of general interest, but there are some valuable additions that you get from the HackerNews discussion forum. It is an active community with a strong focus on discussion.
  5. Interact with people who provide value addition. I prefer to read some paywalled articles because they have a higher signal to noise ratio. I usually skim through news but prefer to read opinions. It often forms a basis for my own thought process, which is unrelated to my specialisation. For example, geopolitics.
  6. Develop curiosity- It’s a simple brain hack.
  7. There are several ways around the writer’s block.
  8. Pursue your interests. For example, I am combining my specialisation (radiation oncology) with several inter-related issues like AI, healthcare policy and other technology trends.
  9. Interact with the writing community.
  10. Wean off the habit of newsletters and social media. It is a time sink without any measurable gains in efficiency or productive output.

I hope this helps!