How to automate Telegram channel

It is effortless.

  • Sign up for IFTTT.
  • Sign up for Pocket.
  • Connect your Telegram channel to the IFTTT bot (using the commands /connect_channel in the bot itself).
  • Install the Pocket Extension for your browser. I prefer (and endorse Vivaldi) You can set up a keyboard binding.
  • I also use Inoreader. The “hotkey” for Pocket is “Y”. That’s it. If you like any article worth sharing, just press the letter “y”. It automatically gets saved to your Pocket.
  • While browsing, you can bookmark/save to Pocket. I can also set up the links to blog later.

I think a future addition might include a bot to submit the links. I have also set up a discussion group to add your comments.

It is a way better option than email newsletters. The best part about Telegram channels is that it can scale up rapidly. You can browse anonymously, and your reading statistics stay limited to you. Since I am not here to set up “courses” for “life-improvement”, my focus remains on the readers and hopefully add value.