Hospitals Give Tech Giants Access to Detailed Medical Records

Hospitals have also discovered a potential revenue source.

A nuanced debate on its merits or demerits is currently not the scope of this blog post. However, as hospitals have turned into enterprises, it is an expected turnaround- they will part away with plentiful unstructured data in return for cloud computing. They now have to gently manage the subtle art of public relations and legal challenges; especially related to data ownership.

The scope of data sharing in these and other recently reported agreements reveals a powerful new role that hospitals play—as brokers to technology companies racing into the $3 trillion health-care sector. Rapid digitization of health records and privacy laws enabling companies to swap patient data have positioned hospitals as a primary arbiter of how such sensitive data is shared.

“Hospitals are massive containers of patient data,” said Lisa Bari, a consultant and former lead for health information technology for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Innovation Center.

Hospitals can share patient data as long as they follow federal privacy laws, which contain limited consumer protections, she said. “The data belongs to whoever has it.”

via Hospitals Give Tech Giants Access to Detailed Medical Records – WSJ