Hospitals: Be a Data Custodian, Not a Data Owner
Is Data the new oil? A rhetorical question for those seeking to safeguard it in the first place. 

The write up on HBR is confusing while scoring self goals and contradictory statements. However, I have included the link and the blurb below to highlight a very pertinent point. As healthcare gets increasingly privatised, it should be a clarion call for the hospital owners and the stakeholders (aka investors) to rethink their role as data custodians.

While data may still be the new oil, businesses can no longer view it as an asset to be extracted and exploited. The reality is that no company owns customer data — rather, customers entrust them with it. Instead of thinking like “data owners,” companies must act as “data custodians” who protect personal information and use it only with a customer’s best interests in mind.

More importantly, to understand what to do with the data in the first place.

via Be a Data Custodian, Not a Data Owner