Ghost: The Overrated Blogging Platform

Some more thoughts on Ghost CMS.

Yes, it is stunted in many respects. Comments are “powered by Disqus” something which I block routinely across the internet. There’s no Dropbox integration and setting it up would make my eyes bleed. I’d rather continue with WordPress. It is not perfect solution but then it works.

There’s supposedly a Ghost SDK coming soon… it’s been coming soon for many months now. They’ve been advertising an “apps” API (Ghost-speak for plugins) which to this day still doesn’t exist. And as for themes, most of them look identical and are incredibly simple to build. They’re handlebars templates with a loop and another handful of template tags. Ghost templates need to be simple though as the software has so little functionality that there’s almost nothing to expose to the handlebars templates for rendering.

via Ghost: The Overrated Blogging Platform – Bill Patrianakos