Gawande in Talks About Leaving Helm of Health-Care Venture Haven

This was a surprise to me but I had not heard much from the time it was announced and Amazon had made its healthcare ambitions amply clear. They would need someone to wade to through the bureaucratic maze and health regulations.

Although I’d be curious to see if they have been able to demonstrate any breakthroughs in EMR and the AI. Would Alexa (the voice assistant) be able to do it?

Despite the initial hype, the venture’s efforts so far have been of limited scope. It has launched pilot projects testing health-benefits approaches. This included a program for around 30,000 JPMorgan employees in Ohio and Arizona, who were given a menu of flat costs for health-care services, according to people with knowledge of the matter.

Haven has been spending much of its early time building data systems on employee health-care tendencies across the three companies, these people said.

An author known for his work on health-care quality, Dr. Gawande was a high-profile choice to lead the venture. His hiring was seen as a signal that the partners’ ambitions were set higher than conventional tweaks to health coverage.

Dr Gawande remains a hugely influential voice and an excellent writer. I’d be monitoring this progress carefully!

via Gawande in Talks About Leaving Helm of Health-Care Venture Haven – WSJ