Expiring vs. Permanent Skills.

I came across this wonderful blog post:

Every field has two kinds of skills:

1. Expiring skills, which are vital at a given time but prone to diminishing as technology improves and a field evolves.

2. Permanent skills, which were as essential 100 years ago as they are today, and will still be 100 years from now.Both are important.

But they’re treated differently.Expiring skills tend to get more attention. They’re more likely to be the cool new thing, and a key driver of an industry’s short-term performance. They’re what employers value and employees flaunt.

Expiring vs. Permanent Skills · Collaborative Fund

Here’s another excerpt from the blog series and is relevant:

There will never be a story of a Grace Groner performing heart surgery better than a Harvard-trained cardiologist. Or building a faster chip than Apple’s engineers. Unthinkable.

Permanent skills require repetition. Constant repetition. The compound payoffs are brilliant. Expiring skills seems like the flavour of the season. AI appears like an expiring skill whereas software appears like a permanent one.