Dear Internet

Promises that were never fulfilled

I stumbled on this delightful video about Medium. Long before I settled on WordPress as my favoured medium, I was exploring several options. Ghost was one option but I found it to be too restrictive for my needs. It didn’t have the developer ecosystem which wordpress has developed. Medium was another option. Though, there is a theoretical pay out if you get “claps”, I write the blog for myself. There is no money involved; not calls for “supporting” it on Patreon or subscribe to newsletters.

I don’t even care about the analytics, I don’t know who subscribes it. I dn’tt know how many of you use the RSS feeds except that the complete blog is data federated. Please feel free to copy/share or whatever you want to do with the links here.

Medium started with much promise but barring sucking up some stupid investor’s money with the fanciful notion of owning the “journalism” and inflating their pitiful “valuation”, the medium is again another worthless company attempting to “find its pivot”.

Many smart people indulge in stupid ideas.