Dear internet: we must ban targeted advertising immediately

It is odd that an analytics company is advising the big tech to “ban” targeted advertising.

Analytics are good or bad depending on your perspective. It is relatively easy to purchase a “rephraser”, set up SEO and drive “traffic” to earn “commissions” and “affiliate income”. Are these legitimate forms of earning?

I stumbled on the following when I was researching for a safe and a secure way to convince the radonc community to shift to Telegram. However, most users are blatantly unaware of the dangers of big tech.

Google and Facebook offer free services because they make a killing on advertising. Which, in itself, isn’t evil. But the way they do the advertising is, because they are in the business of behavioural advertising, which aims ads at everything from a person’s sexual orientation, to their perceived level of depression, to whether or not they might be pregnant, to their income levels. They’re able to then increase their revenue from ads by showing ads that people will want to click on, even if they’re inflammatory, hateful, manipulative or just plain false.

Behavioural advertising has been a boom for huge tech companies and their profits. It’s become such a revenue-flush business model that an entirely new ecosystem of data brokers now exists to buy and sell personal data between advertising companies and publishing companies. And unfortunately, because it’s not yet banned, it’s completely legal.

One of the reasons, I can think of is that most users fail to put up filters to process information. Emails, Texts, Social Media, Calls etc keep anyone “busy”. It would be impossible to explain in this scenario as to how technology can be made to “deliver” but keeping your privacy intact.


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