Curator Economy

Rishikesh S writes:

In 2021 alone, the creator economy has seen a record funding of $1.3 billion. The cost of creating content continues to go down as more content creators are appearing online. The shift of content creation from big corporations to independent small creators around the globe has resulted in an age where we are overloaded with the vast availability of information. Decentralised and democratised content on the internet is driving this creator boom.

A content curator is someone who wades through the vastness of information, chooses the best content and presents it in a context to the audience. Proper curation is about understanding the limited amount of time and attention span of the audience that is consuming the content. Best content creators consume large chunks of information, render the best from it to concise pieces of information by highlighting it to the audience.

The author has documented the process of human curation. This blog also serves as a curated read of the best writings from the Internet, but it remains in a flux around different ideas. As I have written before, this is a playground for several ideas before I commit myself to a higher order thinking process and write extensive-forms for publication.

It is an emerging source of income for some, and I wish them luck. I prefer to rely on my own automated system of recommendation, which gets better with use. Hopefully, once the developer has a polished interface, I’d introduce it here.