Cost of digital delivery in covid-era and an open ended proposal to create delivery mechanism based on Telegram

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I have seen many webinars popping up and digital only conferences being staged for this year. Understandably so. Travel restrictions remain in place throughout the world, and policymakers are wary of introducing additional waves of the human-engineered Chinese virus.

Professional organisations have scrambled to move to digital only presentations without in-person meetings for classroom teaching. Unarguably, you need “thought leaders and influencers” to push for academic courses on Twitter (as the favorite marketing tool), but why the associated cost structures for availing them in the first place?

This begets an important question in the interest of transparency. How much does it cost to deliver lectures at scale?

I can do it for free. Live stream it on YouTube- have a group to push out polls and assess the understanding of participants in real time. You can also have recorded lectures and share questions at end of the session. For those who have paid a fraction of the cost, we can email them a private link. The participants can’t run in thousands, but the organic discussions can easily happen.

I have been managing groups numbering in thousands and also a shadow administrator for a large neuro-radiology group that has nailed the discussion experience. One admin collects unique group links to specific queries and adds it to a Google document. I can automate that too through specific bots. All for free.

Why are organisations investing precious resources in proprietary systems that have limited utility and have all the limitations imposed on them? The group think on “privacy” and the need for exerting control wins the fight over logic to save. Existing organisations can easily conserve resources and maintain growth by focusing on improving accessibility, which has a higher order of priority. Twitter is not the only medium of interaction, and there are enough ways to get around existing limitations. Just remain open to ideas which may come from resource constrained economies too!

If you are interested, you can contact me on email through contact (at) myfastmail dot com or my Telegram user ID (radonc)