Contact tracing through applications

I am sitting on the fence about the contact tracing applications and not entirely convinced about it. Privacy concerns and false positives. I am sure it would lead to more alarm.

This would assume significance only if the populations are widely tested. Having a mobile app won’t cut the ice. I have better ideas, of course (as usual!)

Historically, this has been a manual process. Since the COVID-19 outbreak began, some countries have turned to technological means in an effort to enable public health authorities to find more people who may have been exposed and do so more efficiently. So far, it’s not clear that tech-enabled contact tracing has been all that effective. The system relies on voluntary participation, which has generally been weak. And the Bluetooth technology on which the system depends carries with it a high potential for false positives: it’s just not powerful enough to distinguish between cases where people were in very close proximity from ones in which they were 15 or more feet away.

via Apple and Google have a clever way of encouraging people to install contact-tracing apps for COVID-19 – The Verge