Caveat emptor: Honest “marketing” and due diligence

Brands/companies/software applications have all taken to Twitter to promote their products. It only brandishes my point of view- Twitter isn’t a platform for “serious discussion” but foments a lot of negativity. It is a massive time suck.

I have been calling out a few companies for their “misleading” claims. For example, a leading VPN company has been claiming their “ad-trackers” as part of the deal. It is nothing but a simple “Pi-Hole” solution that would do nothing to block advertisements because it doesn’t have element filtering (like other better solutions). Neither do they offer a viable alternative solution to use their service except for their own applications.

My beef with calling them out is to record my protest as cheaper and better solutions exist. I use a DNS solution for my iPad and Android device that works perfectly.

I use a different solution for my desktop.

What is good for the consumers? Only due diligence and some degree of curiosity to find alternatives. You’d be richly rewarded by the experience!