Build institutions; not apps

A very interesting perspective from Mark Lutter (I have no clue who’s he) but nevertheless, has responded to an essay by an “influential VC”.

If the VC has money, they usually have the liberty to take a dump in your driveway. Their “influence” usually comes from the power levers they are able to move (or at least the access to it). I don’t necessarily disagree with the exhortations in the write-up but it is an opinion nonetheless.

Building a better world requires a movement. That movement is finally coalescing, though it doesn’t yet have a name. ‘Progress Studies’ and ‘State Capacity Libertarianism’ have both been discussed, though neither has caught on. For now I will use the term builders. A builder is someone who wants to create a better world via the development and deployment of new technology.

The key to influence is by being able to hold up the ability to create a “brand”.

Anyway, here’s another interesting takeaway-

Part of this failure is because Silicon Valley has devalued institution building. Policy work is associated with the Acela corridor. Non-profits are thought to be a waste of time. Think tanks are seen as another group of paper pushing rent seekers. Again, there is a degree of truth in these beliefs, but they are not entirely accurate. If Silicon Valley wants an important role in building new institutions, they will have to engage think tanks and other non-profits.

Please do read the link below to get a full context. Worth your time!

via Mark Lutter