Big Tech’s growing ambitions fuel governance questions

The reason why I posted it here is that it is essential to explore the governance issues related to health (and digital delivery of medicine). Health data is precious, yes. However, we have given up (or ceded a large part) of our digital lives to the corporations anyway. Therefore, the privacy debate is only notional.

There are going to be outliers in this debate (ones those who stay outside the “norm”), but that’s going to be an exception to the rule. By and large, governance issues will raise its ugly head again and again.

They will undo it by lobbying anyway.

Ultimately, questions like these serve to shine a spotlight on a governance issue that is much closer to home for some of the big tech companies. Both Google and Facebook have invested corporate control in their founders through shares with special voting rights, leaving ultimate authority in the hands of a few individuals.

As their inventions come to have a bigger impact on large parts of society and the economy, this arrangement seems likely to come under increasing scrutiny. How they deal with it could ultimately determine how much freedom they have to operate.

via Big Tech’s growing ambitions fuel governance questions | Financial Times