Be decisive rather than “data-driven”

Bart De Langhe writes:

It’s more like building a house—architects, designers, builders, and plumbers work together like a jazz ensemble. At the concept stage, the architect leads; during construction, the builder leads; towards the end, designers, finish carpenters, and plumbers lead. The homeowner is the ultimate decision-maker, guided by craft.

I marvel at the “marketing folks” who come up newer terminology- much more that I can wrap head around. For example, someone had referred to as “data being the new oil” and it has been perpetuated by everyone who is a part of the “industry”. Although, I am inclined to believe that someone with a long association with it, will eventually scoff at the idea.

While the differences may appear trivial, enterprises (and healthcare) require both “lateral” and “horizontal” dive into the specifics. Decision making is complex, and while the link may suggest “data-driven” approaches are flawed, it is only opening up the field to more “consultants”. Just read the link to break the echo chambers.