A parallel pandemic: the crush of covid-19 publications tests the capacity of scientific publishing

BMJ has an excellent editorial and is a recommended read. The rush to “push out” publications and discussion, especially on Twitter, has muddled the policy debates. I have rallied against the glut of “me-too” publications and I reiterate that it is a crisis of monumental proportions. I am not advocating restriction of a choice, but […]

The flywheel effect

Blogging should follow the “flywheel effect”. I have reiterated several times- blogging helps in writing. The free flow of ideas makes it easier to understand and spot patterns. Here’s an example of the flywheel effect These assume importance for those in content marketing and “trying” to funnel in customers, but I have mentioned it here […]

Telemedicine and Work From Home paradigm- Software will eat software in a remote-first world

This is a fascinating insight from people who have been doing remote work. I wasn’t aware of how they do the “software” retooling” by using software to build another software. The corporations are calling it as a “value chain” but the coders are getting replaced by people who form “associations”- building products by stringing disparate […]

Jeff Bezos Talks About Writing and the Narrative Fallacy – About Editing and Writing

There’s always something new to learn. Narrative fallacy. The blurb below describes it better than I could do. However, I was trying to contextualise it around the idea for AI in healthcare and how the debate gets trivialised around it. Any AI program, for example, would require massive investments in retooling people around the idea […]

EHR: Epic Bristol bags £454m in UK deals as creaking care sector chases digital transformation

I usually refrain from commenting on industry news here but this merits attention- a universal EHR for Northern Ireland. I think that Singapore has a similar system. The advantages are obvious- a seamless connectivity for the users and healthcare providers. However, I have deliberated on this issue with several industry people and as a matter […]