Social Media: How they fuel “engagement”?

Sophie Zhang writes: During my time at Facebook, I saw compromised accounts functioning in droves in Latin America, Asia, and elsewhere. Most of these accounts were commandeered through autolikers: online programs which promise users automatic likes and other engagement for their posts. Signing up for the autoliker, however, requires the user to hand over account […]

Precis- 15.10.2021

Simply a refresh – Precis offers a short take of the day’s most compelling stories/ narratives (as they happen). Louis Pouzin discusses the early days of the internet One of my colleagues introduced me to [Professor Fernando J.] Corbató, who was an American working at MIT and who was heading a new team working on time-sharing [1]. Time-sharing […]

WhatsApp Privacy: Bad, Worse and Awful

Stephanie Bodoni for Bloomberg: “Up to now there has been no supervisory review of the actual processing operations between WhatsApp and Facebook that we are aware of,” Caspar said. “There is reason to believe that the provisions that will enable and expand the sharing of data between WhatsApp and Facebook will be unlawfully enforced due to […]

The dawn of techno-optimism?

The Economist writes: There are three reasons to think this “great stagnation” might be ending. First is the flurry of recent discoveries with transformative potential. The success of the “messenger rna” technique behind the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines, and of bespoke antibody treatments, shows how science continues to empower medicine. Humans are increasingly able to bend […]


Amazon copied products and rigged search results, documents show The internal documents also show that Amazon employees studied proprietary data about other brands on, including detailed information about customer returns. The aim: to identify and target goods – described as “reference” or “benchmark” products – and “replicate” them. As part of that effort, the […]