Anything and everything that’s wrong with AI

I am closely following the idea of "ethics", but to be understood in the Indian context (Dharma) rather than the religion. There are nuanced differences for a later post. However, this interview from Semafor is being included here for the reference. Vinod Khosla on how AI will ‘free humanity from the need to work’ | … Continue reading Anything and everything that’s wrong with AI

ChatGPT: A bullshit generator

I have seen a flurry of news (and blogs) around this "transformational AI" and generative AI has its space in the sun. Large Language Models are not new; what is new is the hype. This is exactly my reaction: ChatGPT - The Revolutionary Bullshit Parrot ChatGPT was attributed with some supernatural abilities and proclaimed the … Continue reading ChatGPT: A bullshit generator

NHS: A world leader in data mining?

Consider this laughable opinion from Financial Times: Sharing patient data is something to be celebrated, not feared | Financial Times The Chelsea and Westminster project was made possible by a quiet revolution in the pandemic. In March 2020, as a temporary adviser in the Department of Health, I sat in daily meetings incredulous that officials … Continue reading NHS: A world leader in data mining?

Recommendation algorithms

I am fascinated by "recommendation systems" and I remember reading the earlier Netflix blogs around how they choose to recommend and how they "suggest" what you may like (or dislike). I am not interested in the entertainment industry or doom scrolling (I never installed TikTok), but the underlying tech fascinates me for entirely different reasons. … Continue reading Recommendation algorithms

Can GPT take medical licensing exams?

Link here 2303.13375Download Summary: - Large language models (LLMs) have demonstrated remarkable capabilities in natural language understanding and generation across various domains, including medicine. - GPT-4 is a large language model that has been evaluated for its performance on the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE). - GPT-4 shows a remarkable improvement over its predecessor … Continue reading Can GPT take medical licensing exams?