Why Amazon, Facebook, Google, Apple and Microsoft are the winners of the coronavirus crisis.

This is actually a frightful scenario- there’s only a “modicum” of the innovation in the Silicon Valley because the brightest minds in the world are building apps (or services running them). I am linking it here because of my long running suspicion about Apple usurping it’s dominance in the healthcare via a carefull crafted “privacy […]

The Universe of Discourse : Why my book can be downloaded for free

A couple of days back I had rallied about the academic publishing. The FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) is that the “sales” will be impacted. However, I doubt. This is a plausible scenario (as below) Imagine that person A asks a question on an Internet forum, and person B says that HOP has a section […]

Research in medicine: Does irrationality fuel innovation?

I have often gone on a deep dive in a thought process on why research in medicine doesn’t often yield the dividends that we are hoping for. Experimentation in medicine would progress in AI/technology and adapting to it. There are a number of reasons why a group of “stakeholders” would discuss about a topic to […]

Challenges with distance education- similar to Telemedicine

The challenges in Telemedicine and distance education are similar. Although they have two different niches and the article sounds like a PR mouthpiece (and behind a paywall!), the key takeaway is the following: “For teaching and learning to continue online, the basic requirement is an Android phone. But not all my students or their families […]