Facebook ordered to stop WhatsApp data

Karim Matussek writes: Johannes Caspar, who heads Hamburg’s privacy authority, issued a three-month emergency ban, prohibiting Facebook from continuing with the data collection. He also asked a panel of European Union data regulators to take action and issue a ruling across the 27-nation bloc. The new WhatsApp terms enabling the data scoop are invalid because they are […]

Universities and start-ups

Nathan Benaich writes: Parting with too much equity from day one is a structural and motivational problem. Spinout founders become minority shareholders of their own businesses. This leaves them unable to attract the necessary talent and funding in a globally competitive market. Leading American TTOs, including those at MIT and Stanford University, understand that entrepreneurship […]

Avoiding inbox panic

Elaine Moore writes: Attention is a scarce and precious resource. Tech companies know this; that’s why they employ all sorts of tricks to keep you focused on their products. Allowing attention to be leached away by non-urgent work emails, even if there is no requirement to reply, feels instinctively unhealthy. If augmented reality wearables start […]

mHealth: Do health apps really work?

Anindya Ghosh writes: In partnership with a major mHealth app platform in Asia, we designed and implemented a large-scale randomized field experiment based on detailed patient lifestyle activities (e.g., steps walked, exercise time and calories spent, sleeping patterns, and food quality and quantity) and blood glucose values from chronic diabetes patients over a 15-month time […]

Employment: Be in a tech-limited field

Mathias Kirk writes: Biotechnology sounds to me much like computing in the 60’s. The first real applications of the field are being brought to life in large industries, but are still many steps removed from the consumer. Like computer science, this will rapidly change. This decade might bring cultivated meat to my local store. Who […]