AI hype: The Artificial “Intelligence” Scam is Imploding

The linked article is worth your time and read. There’s nothing intelligent about “artificial intelligence” which is used as a catch-all term for machine learning. As the hype cycles have gone from boom to bust, what worries me is an AI “winter” wherein a good progress of technology would grind itself to a halt.

If you buy into the AI-hype bullshit, then the investment thesis is a no-brainer:

AI is a disruptive technology that will eliminate hundreds of millions of jobs and entire sectors of labor by automating tasks that (previously) only humans were smart enough to do.
Owners of new AI technology will reap out-sized rewards as labor is replaced with genius-level software and robots that ceaselessly learn and improve.
Every industry will be affected, from truckers to doctors to lawyers to pizza shops.
Therefore, throw as much capital as possible in all AI companies targeting every industry — it’s a sure thing!

The Artificial “Intelligence” Scam is Imploding – james seibel – Medium