A primer for privacy: The Why and How of Privacy and Security

It is essential for the healthcare communities to understand the technology that they use. It should, of course, be more than switching on their computing devices! I am not suggesting that everyone should aim for a CS major. This was an interesting blurb that I stumbled over:

Flaws and vulnerabilities can always be found. However, the sturdier your tools, the safer you’ll be. And contrary to what A-ha used to sing, it is better to be safe than sorry.

The Why and How of Privacy and Security — This Too Shall Grow
The basics of encryption

I have come across an undue criticism of Telegram that doesn’t have “end-to-end” encryption and that healthcare requires a “bullet proof” system to keep the patient data intact. The problem is that Facebook owns complete metadata which is enough to reconstruct any digital trail. The encryption is a farce. There has been no attempt to understand how the encryption has been enforced.