NHS: A world leader in data mining?

Consider this laughable opinion from Financial Times:

Sharing patient data is something to be celebrated, not feared | Financial Times

The Chelsea and Westminster project was made possible by a quiet revolution in the pandemic. In March 2020, as a temporary adviser in the Department of Health, I sat in daily meetings incredulous that officials couldn’t even agree on how many people were dying. As multiple agencies argued with each other and made frantic calls to hospitals, the government decided that information must be brought together in one place. In a few months, the UK went from being a data desert to a world leader in knowing who was most at risk from Covid, which hospitals needed ventilators, and later who had been given which vaccines. Clever software consolidated a host of information from different parts of the system, allowing leaders to make much faster decisions.

No comments are offered for the fear of vilifying a national obsession and religion.

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