ChatGPT plugins

This is an interesting development:

Will ChatGPT Become Your Everything App?

On Thursday, OpenAI announced plug-ins for ChatGPT, giving a small group of companies a chance to connect their software directly with the service. In theory, this means that you could use ChatGPT to book a flight through Kayak, make and then order from a shopping list with Instacart, or tell your chatbot to search the web for you.

There was a nice demo, too:

Virtual holographic AI companion:

Originally tweeted by Greg Brockman (@gdb) on March 30, 2023.

Mind-boggling. Indeed. Virtual doctors, anyone?

This is the platform concept. In action. ChatGPT will do everything for the users, going forward. At least, an attempt will be made by anthromophising the AI and gain total control.

Here’s from the link:

This is a significant announcement for a few reasons. First, it suggests a plan for OpenAI that isn’t just licensing agreements with existing software companies or charging for access to an API. ChatGPT with an app store is a real product aimed directly at regular people, not a testing environment or tech demo. It gives a better sense of what OpenAI might actually try to do as a company than a hundred aimless conversations about AGI, x-risk, or machine consciousness. It feels like an actual encounter with OpenAI as the well-funded start-up it is rather than as a research lab, series of viral social-media phenomena, or avatar of budding new tech epistemology. It’s a plan to give people a different way to use tools they already need and like and to give other companies a way to build new things in an ecosystem. If OpenAI’s partnership with Microsoft shows what its AI looks like as a feature in other companies’ platforms, ChatGPT plug-ins are an attempt to become a platform.

This is what’s happening. Scary indeed!

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