6G in India: Setting standards


Talking about 6G only 6 months after 5G rollouts reflects India’s confidence: PM, Telecom News, ET Telecom

Highlighting the confidence of India in technology, Prime Minister Narendra Modi Wednesday said that just after 6 months of 5G rollout, work has started on 6G with the launch of a vision document, that will become the base for rolling out 6G in coming years.

“India is rolling out 5G as the fastest pace, In only 120 days, 125 cities, 350 towns have been provided with 5G services and just after 6 months of 5G rollout, we are taking about 6G. This is the confidence of India,” Modi said during the inauguration of area office and innovation centre for International Telecommunication Union (ITU) here.

6G is still about 5 years away, but I can still expect significant investments in hyperscale data-clouds and edge computing mature; including a major chunk through fibre traffic. 6G will be broadly about the “situational awareness” to the masses, and no one has clear articulation around what 6G will present to the end users. However, it isn’t just about the bandwidth, but a more onerous task of setting standards. Those are extremely dry areas of “research”, but often form the basis of research, patents, and define the bedrock of “innovation”.

By setting up an ITU office in India, it signals the gradual shift of innovation hub from Europe towards Asia. I have previously written about the 6G standards coming in from Japan and South Korea. India is a major heavy hitter in terms of market access. These will assume significant geopolitical overtones. Healthcare has a real risk of being weaponized for global health diplomacy and improving “lifespans”. Stay tuned for more on 6G as I dig it up gradually.

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