Open Source Microscopy

I stumbled on this even though I don’t depend on this.

About Us | Open Microscopy Environment (OME)

OME is committed to building and releasing high quality, open source, well-supported software for the scientific imaging community. Our tools should work regardless of location, processing environment or data type.

The project’s foundation is an open metadata specification, the OME Data Model. This defines and describes the metadata elements and relationships that the project uses and supports. Using this specification, we build and release:

Screen grab from their website

I wasn’t aware of these formats. This is a commendable idea. This opens up a larger question. Should there be a policy diktat to purchase only open source products?

Will this help the “industry” that often uses open source contributions to create commercial products? What is the minimum price for financial viability? How can open source be further supported?

I wish there were more debates around this. This is also crucial for developing economies (and the “global south”) to shift their resources (and combine efforts) to create structures defining the technological landscape, instead of corporations trying to “innovate”.

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