Open Access supported by Article Processing Charges

This was laudatory. But each one of them now requires article processing charges that itself will be a “barrier to science”.

Why are the “royal societies” considered “authoritative”?

Royal Astronomical Society announces all journals to publish as open access from 2024 | The Royal Astronomical Society

All articles published in the RAS journals portfolio, from the very first volumes published in 1827 to the latest articles, will be free to read in their entirety. As the scientific community works ever harder to ensure barriers to cutting edge science are eliminated, facilitating openness, dissemination, and reproducibility of impactful academic research, the Society is excited to be a key contributor to the open science movement, helping to drive discoverability and change.

With this move to OA the journals will no longer charge subscription fees and will instead be supported by Article Processing Charges (APCs), with the infrastructure to ensure that authors continue to face no financial barrier to publishing their science in the RAS journals.

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