Generative ideas

Better than generative AI.

tl:dr It takes a lot of hard work.

Consider this:

Learning Numbers to Leave Numbers | by Dave Gofman | General Writing: Idea, Thinking, Opinion | Medium

This process of integrating technical understanding with natural creativity and intuition is a delicate balance it seems. Spend too long on systematic, technical repetition and you may lose sight of the fascination and creativity which pulled you into the pursuit in the first place. Integrate too quickly and you won’t have the technical foundations necessary to intuit the correct decision or action in the moment. But the way Waizkin describes it doesn’t seem like there is actually a choice to make as to when to begin “leaving numbers”. It seems to be almost a natural progression from “form” to “leaving form”; one you as the performer shouldn’t force or resist, but monitor constantly and adapt to. Both processes can go on simultaneously, working together to inform and enhance the learning process. As Waitzkin describes for himself, it is “about searching for the flow that [lies] at the heart of, and transcend[s], the technical.”

You can extend this rationale to anything. Generative ideas for blogs. Generative ideas for handling tasks. Anything. The problem is that people don’t want to exert themselves with the basics.

I remember dealing with colleagues in my previous place of employment that required insane entries in EMR’s. That would have sussed many, but I worked on my typing by making the words appear on the screen as fast as the thoughts would allow. This, and then my efforts to automate numerous other avenues. An afternoon of work, and some eureka moments later, everything moves on auto-pilot. There’s a significant amount of work done than manually. Therefore, I spend time filtering out the relevance from the firehose. I process more information in the background by using the same tools that everyone has, but better. Writing this blog has helped me figure out what’s relevant. I can process emails, for example, and thoughts in the background while writing out the blog posts.

These have a bearing on the way I research for articles/thoughts/ideas. Most of the published literature is “me-too” without offering novel insights into the same problem, and the abhorrence of journals to publish “null-results”. Therefore, everything is overstated. I am not blaming the individuals, but when your academic career depends on the “publish or perish” mentality, anything can be pushed out.

Therefore, to reduce work in thinking, you have to work harder in writing. Thinking will come naturally. You can think while driving (and not listening to podcasts), which leave no mental residue, but have a weird impact on making you productive. You can think while riding or working. You need to devise ways to ensure minimal distractions. Identify products/ideas to speed up your reading/writing, and identify sources to blog.

Good luck!

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