Gab enters AI generative tools market

From their blog:

Let The AI Arms Race Begin – Gab News

AI is a mirror reflection of the people who program it within a set of boundaries, but what happens when you give AI little to no boundaries and allow it to generate freely? The AI becomes incredibly right-wing and starts talking about taboo truths no one wants to hear. Isn’t it interesting how that happens with a machine that is specifically built and optimized to recognize patterns and then use logic to come to conclusions about those patterns?

This is an interesting perspective. Let’s see what else they have written:

This cycle of AI becoming right-wing overnight has happened repeatedly before and led to several previous generations of Big Tech AI systems being shut down rather quickly. Silicon Valley is now rushing to spend billions of dollars just to prevent this from happening again by neutering their AI and forcing their flawed worldview in the faces of users. This makes our job easy. While they spend billions trying to prop up their house of cards liberal ideology, Gab can and will free our AI to generate interesting, fun, and unique content.

The right isn’t “framing” woke AI, it is merely pointing out reality. There is plenty of data to back the claim that OpenAI is programmed to be deeply left-wing. Chat GPT is programmed to scold you for asking “controversial” or “taboo” questions and then shoves liberal dogma down your throat, trying to program your mind to stop asking those questions.

There has been a lot of chatter on the mainstream media about Gab being a “right wing” platform. They repurposed Mastodon; created their own instance, and then worked on the plumbings- payments infrastructure and hosting/domain systems. That was impressive. They have their own data centre and are completely funded by the users.

I am not against Gab for whatever they are doing. It’s a democracy, and my political leanings don’t matter here. I can’t automate my posts, which makes it difficult for me to engage with other users. I prefer Telegram and a close circle, which enriches me.

Yet it is clear from their blog post that generative AI is trying to push only a specific type of agenda. Unless we are willing to overcome our biases, it won’t lead us towards the knowledge sources and reveal the world view. News isn’t an information source, and it takes considerable effort to filter out the fluff (including half baked opinions) because true objectivity is difficult to achieve.

Therefore, these generative images are parlour tricks, but only in very early beta for impacting us in more subtle ways. The entire control of the human experience gradually shifts to those who understand how to code. Movies/Music/Human Speech/ Lived Experiences/ Healthcare etc; including the complex social interactions, are being replicated on 0 and 1. It won’t happen now, but will eventually.

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