When academia is replaced by political correctness

I don’t get into cultural wars. However, it is apparent that most “prestigious” “ivy league” campuses are wrecked by political correctness than the pursuit of the knowledge source.

This is what is fanning the idea of “de-colonisation”. I have written extensively on this elsewhere, and I plan to make it a recurring theme here; especially as the healthcare assumes “geopolitical dimensions”. I expect it to happen gradually over the next few years (after 2024).

These are sad days for the “west”.

Stanford Faculty Say Anonymous Student Bias Reports Threaten Free Speech – WSJ

The system is designed to help students get along with one another, said Dee Mostofi, a Stanford spokeswoman. “The process aims to promote a climate of respect, helping build understanding that much speech is protected while also offering resources and support to students who believe they have experienced harm based on a protected identity,” she said.

Free-speech advocates have taken several schools to court and forced them to change their systems, alleging they inhibit the exchange of ideas.

There’s no free speech; it comes with reasonable restrictions. Free-speech is a moniker to sell “privacy subscriptions” and “spook users”.

My bigger concern is that the same set of students in the indoctrinated campuses build AI models that will be completely resistant to the ideas of “bias” which will be baked in the templates.

That’s why there is an urgent unmet need to break from these silos and draft/create alternative platforms.

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