Technological development through the ages

Here’s a conceptual framework:

Technology over the long run: zoom out to see how dramatically the world can change within a lifetime – Our World in Data

To be able to visualize the inventions in the more recent past – the last 12,000 years – I had to unroll the spiral. I needed more space to be able to show when agriculture, writing, and the wheel were invented. During this period, technological change was faster, but it was still relatively slow: several thousand years passed between each of these three inventions.

From 1800 onwards, I stretched out the timeline even further to show the many major inventions that rapidly followed one after the other.

The chart is obviously wrong because it ignores the historical aspects, clearly.

Here’s my tweet:

It’s unnecessary pontificating, though. To define progress of “humanity” through the western lens blinds you to actual realities. This betrays the historical understanding and reflects an institutionalised form of stupidity, which unfortunately has found increasing acceptance in the mainstream.

The world representation of “epochal discoveries” in this time frame completely betrays the civilisational advancements in India (and far-east). The tides have turned and are turning.

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