ChatGPT will make you dumb (and dumber)

I’ll go straight to the conclusion from the linked write up:

Bing AI Can’t Be Trusted – by Dmitri Brereton – DKB Blog

Bing AI did a great job of creating media hype, but their product is no better than Google’s Bard. At least as far as we can tell from the limited information we have about both.

I am shocked that the Bing team created this pre-recorded demo filled with inaccurate information, and confidently presented it to the world as if it were good.

I am even more shocked that this trick worked, and everyone jumped on the Bing AI hype train without doing an ounce of due diligence.

Bing AI is incapable of extracting accurate numbers from a document, and confidently makes up information even when it claims to have sources.

Another gaffe:

I guess Microsoft used this as a diversion tactic to keep the attention focused on the “ground-breaking research” away from the layoffs.

ChatGPT as generative text will definitely make you dumber. It has nothing to do with “speeding up your workflows”. I have used specific extensions and services in the past few weeks and they don’t add up to the hype. When you are writing (and by extension- thinking), it helps you to draw those conclusions. Unfortunately, this is being pushed at college kids to help them “write essays” faster. I hope this fad passes away.

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