Disruption? A little reality check

AI will not be replacing doctors anytime soon – Grey Enlightenment

It’s hard to think of any industries or jobs that have been entirely eliminated due to AI/automation. Go ahead and try to think of at least four. Right now. Stuck? Horses and buggies…that’s one. Or maybe those monks from antiquity who transcribed documents. That’s two. Typewriter salesmen/repair? That’s three. Punched card machine operator? Four. We’re talking a handful of professions over a 1000+ year period out of probably thousands of jobs.

Instead of technology destroying jobs, what happens is those old jobs still find a niche or the old technologies/jobs coexist with the new ones. Also, the process is glacial-slow. Punched card machines overlapped with digital computers for decades until finally being made obsolete for good in the mid 80s. The old technologies sometimes never go away: typewriters are still used. Same for calligraphy. Stagecoaches have found a niche too and are still seen on some city streets.

This is true. However, there are enough scare scenarios, and often the context is lost. Twitter, for anything, is useless!

Think about the paragraph again. Disruption is part of the evolutionary process, but many moving parts have to align in the right direction.

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